Case Study Team (CST)

The Case Study Team (CST) was established during the 14th ASTAP meeting in June 2008 to achieve new and complementary objectives for the Working Group on Bridging Standardization Gap (BSG). CST started its work based on contributions from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and has been collaborating with Asia- Pacific Telecommunity (APT) projects to extract essential standardization and/ or documentation factors for bringing better lives in rural areas with ICT. The CST was established after considering the following new situations:

The CST was established after considering the following new situations:

• Techology changes rapidly and widely
• ICT/ NGN is becoming a tool but not a direct service/ application
• There are more important and urgent social issues than ICT infrastructure
• Other factors such as for what social solutions/ applications ICT/ NGN should be implemented and what business models should be applied are also essential to be considered at the same time

The CST aims to overcome standardization gap through understanding how to use the latest ICT/ NGN in order to improve people’s lives and to bring more happiness in developing countries. Apart from that, the CST also looks at how to implement the latest technologies, systems and services using cost effective measures in order to achieve that goal.

In other words, CST seeks to create the ability to apply latest standardized technologies and systems to various applications and services through the experience on achieving new solution based projects supported by APT. These new efforts have been carried effectively under the naming of SHARE; bringing Success and Happiness by Activating Regional Economy.