Through the SHARE partnership, where member countries include Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, work has continuously been developed to gauge the needs and challenges of communities living in rural areas in the respective countries, and to design and introduce ICT solutions which are expected to create possibilities to empower, extend and expand the competencies of the rural communities.

One of the key concerns in the establishment of SHARE is to utilize the ICT solutions to their maximum potential, for the benefit of communities and businesses, which would result in a sustainable progress for members of the community as a whole.

To move forward to the new decade of partnership, a project to create a platform to assemble all previously developed ICT solutions, and to use the platform to replicate and maximise the use of the solutions, for the betterment of people in rural communities across the Asia Pacific region has been proposed. This project will look towards designing, developing and implementing a data knowledge management portal for data on the various projects conducted in the different SHARE partner countries, namely Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia Thailand and the Philippines.