SHARE Concept

Contributions from SHARE members in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as well as collaborative initiatives with Asia Pacific Telecommunity projects have resulted in several projects being carried out in different countries, each addressing four applications over ICT/ NGN to be developed as the solutions against social issues in rural areas.

Through these projects, SHARE members and CST were able to apply the latest standardized technologies and systems to various applications and services through the collaborative experience in designing and developing innovative solution-based projects supported by APT's J2 and J3 programmes. 

The following applications over ICT were selected to be developed as the solutions for social issues in rural areas, namely:

  • e- Agriculture
  • e- Aquaculture
  • e- Education
  • e- Environment
  • e- Healthcare 
  • e- Disaster Risk Management 


Generic Model of SHARE Pilot Projects 

The figure below shows the generic model for pilot projects demonstrated in rural areas of South-East Asia. The model centers on the building of sensor networks to gather data, which are measured by various sensors on a file server. The processed data is then sent to specialists in urban areas through the network. Specialists would then be able to analyse the data and provide prompt feedback through the network to enable efficient resolutions to issues faced on location. 

SHARE solution model through Broadband Network 


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