Let's Collaborate, Not Compete

The Role of SHARE is very simple but important. That is to bring Success and Happiness by Activating Regional Economy especially for a rural people and for a rural society in a rising country.

Success and Happiness will be brought by increasing people’s income and improving people’s quality of life. Issue is how to achieve it. It is true that various trials with high technologies have been made in vain. Why? Answer is also simple but important. Those trials were driven by technologies, where there were few cares and thoughts on real people and society who should first receive benefits and then create values by themselves. People are living in different situation, environment and customs. We have to design, adapt and operate technologies and systems to best fit to each people and society in a easy and sustainable way. Easy and sustainable operation is the Key success factor in the rural area.

SHARE is the project to share the first experience results among other members in different situations. To achieve this, the essential momentum is “collaboration” instead of competition.

Let’s SHARE our experiences and achieve our roles together!

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