Success And Happiness by Activating Regional Economy (SHARE)

Researchers: Associate Professor Dr Fitri Suraya Mohamad, Associate Professor Dr Norazila Abdul Aziz, Professor Dr Alvin Yeo Wee, Noorhaslina binti Senin, Azwan bin Abidin, Syaryfah Fazidawaty binti Wan Busrah, Ida Juliana Hutasuhut, Siti Marina binti Kamil, Adam Francis, Jaya Laxshmi Meenatchisundaram
Institute of Social Informatics and Technology Innovation, Centre for Rural Informatics, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Success and Happiness by Activating Regional Economy (SHARE) is a project which generally aims at promoting ICT solutions that can bridge the information gap in rural areas in Asian countries and bring better lives to the community in these areas. Contributions from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as well as collaborative initiatives with Asia Pacific Telecommunity projects have resulted in several projects being carried out in different countries, each addressing sectors of e-agriculture, e- education, e- health and e-environment, using models of latest technologies and standards which are cost effective.

Following the success of the previous SHARE projects implemented in these Asian countries, a project in Tanah Datar was proposed, and it commenced in 2014. This project is a collaborative initiative between the CST and UNIMAS and aimed to introduce the residents of Tanah Datar to ICT. The ICT Training Programme was designed to facilitate the training of fifteen participants at a certificate-level programme to learn about ICT and relevant technology applications which have been developed by SHARE partners. This programme also aimed to enable Tanah Datar as a region to grow and extend their local competencies using technology, in various socio- economic activities, for ensuring lifelong success and wellness, as well as to produce change agents among local communities through use of SHARE applications.

Through this project, participants were trained in three courses of the e-Education component; English for SHARE Purposes, New Media Design for SHARE Purposes and Change Management. The training programme generally focused on enabling participants to create digital documents of the local and indigenous knowledge (IDK) of the people in Tanah Datar. The courses in the e-Education module included trainings on the process involved in researching the IDK and reorganizing it in a form that can be shared not only with the community itself but also with other communities in the region.

The course was designed using a theme-based approach and was delivered via e-Learning. Participants worked in groups of three to complete a series of projects related to selected key goals. At the end of the training programme, it was observed that participants were able to complete all the projects assigned to them using the knowledge gained from the respective modules. Participants also showed an improvement in terms of using English when communicating their projects, comparatively to when the initial meetings with the participants where most were very reluctant to speak using English. Most participants have also warmed up to using e-Learning as the main method of content delivery and are keen on continuing with the rest of the ICT training programme.

This research was supported by the Centre for Rural Informatics, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak through research grant No. UHSB/B-AM2013/13

 Team presentation on group project to the UNIMAS teamParticipants were taught basic photography skillsTanah Datar participants listening in about the use of ICT for knowledge building

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