The Telecommunication Technology Committee

About TTC

The Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) is an organization accredited by the Administration of Japan as a technical Standards Development Organisation (SDO). As an incorporated association that contributes to the standardization activities in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), the TTC aims to develop and disseminate standards for information and communications networks.

TTC Background

The TTC was first established in October 1985 following the enactment of the Telecommunication Business Act and was formed with three primary objectives in mind; to engage in standardization concerning telecommunications, to disseminate standards and to contribute to the vitalization of the telecommunications sector.

The scope of the TTC’s standardization activities subsequently expanded in line with the development of information and communication technologies. June 2002 saw another change for the TTC as the Committee redefined its activities as “standardization pertaining to information and communication networks”. This redefinition of the TTC also brought about a change in the Japanese name of the TTC.

The TTC has since restructured its organization to that of a general incorporated association in line with the Incorporated Association Act after obtaining the approval of the Cabinet Office in April 2011.


Business Activities

Apart from participating in the creation of a safe and comfortable society supported by the rapid development of ICTs, the TTC is also actively involved in:

  • Developing standards pertaining to information and communication networks.
  • Conducting surveys and research on information and communication networks.
  • Disseminating standards pertaining to information and communication networks.
  • Engaging in undertakings ancillary to the above business activities.
  • Engaging in other business activities necessary to achieve the purpose of the Committee.