SHARE Projects

Several projects addressing these four applications (e- agriculture, e- education, e- environment, e- healthcare) have been initiated in various countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.


  • Bridging the digital divide in remote rural areas: A Universal Playground for Children (2010)
  • Technology enhanced solutions for remote rural communities in Malaysia to Facilitate Development of Learning and Preservation of Local Knowledge and to Create Health Awareness and Practices for Healthy Living (2011)

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  • Promotion of e-local community with ICT solution (2009)
  • Exploration of ICT’s Potential in Peat land Environmental Conservation to Address Climate Change (2011)
  • Promotion of e-environmental community with ICT solution in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia (2012)

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  • Open platform broadband farm to market ecosystem (2009)
  • A Broadband Farm to Market Ecosystem for Fisherfolk Communities (2010)

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Success of SHARE projects

The various SHARE projects have brought about improvements for the community in different areas such as:

  • e- Agriculture
  • e- Fishery
  • e- Forestry
  • e- Education
  • e- Healthcare
  • e- Environment

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