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CyberBrain Model for Smart Farmer and Smart Community Development 


The CyberBrain project was initiated by UKNOW Center, at the Department of Computer Engineering Kasetsart University. The goal of CyberBrain is to develop IT solutions, combining IT infrastructure, services, and knowledge management, to improve the quality of lives of rice farmers. The assumption of the CyberBrain project is that if the rice farmers have access to the right agricultural information and knowledge, the cultivation process will become more effective, resulting in the improvement of productivity and product quality, consequently, increasing their income. With this assumption, this project focused on developing an IT-enabling knowledge service that will deliver such agricultural knowledge to the rice farmers. Examples quoted in this section refer directly to the ideas and experiences in Thailand specifically in designing and implementing CyberBrain. 

In the case of CyberBrain, the objective is to develop a knowledge bank and service that could be used to help the cultivation practices of rice farmers become more effective, which will consequently help them increase their income and improve their life quality. Four main aspects were chosen as the focus when selecting the knowledge content to achieve these objectives, which are: 

  1. Knowledge to help reduce cost
  2. knowledge to help reduce risk 
  3. Knowledge to help increase cultivation and product quality 
  4. Knowledge to help increase productivity 

The knowledge content should cover the entire life-cycle of cultivation processes, from the farm to the market; including information on what needs to be done before planting, during planting, after harvesting, and market information. 





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