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Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring Water Condition for Strengthening Aquaculture Industry in Vietnam

A large part of the Vietnamese economy comes from from the aquaculture industry and farmers use a look-and-guest method as they often make decisions based on their own experiment without technical information. This resulted in the reduction of success rates and quality products while costs are increased.

The objective of this project is to strengthen the aquaculture industry through the application of ICT technology in monitoring data and sharing knowledge. This was done through the development of a heterogeneous wireless sensor network which supports monitoring water conditions in various demands from aquaculture industry. Secondly, it was proposed that stakeholders, comprising of farmers, engineers, companies, government, connected with one another and joined in the experiment. 



The heterogeneous wireless sensor network system used wireless technology to support transmission monitoring data. All monitored data was collected and sent to a center server, which allowed all parties to access their data over the internet. All valuable data is to be made available on the center server, so that parties can share their data, experiments, this strengthening the Vietnamese aquaculture industry.

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