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Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Monitoring Water Condition for Strengthening Aquaculture Industry in Vietnam 

The project aimed at strengthening the aquaculture industry in Vietnam by applying ICT technology in monitoring data and sharing knowledge. A heterogeneous wireless sensor which supports monitoring water conditions according to various demands from the aquaculture industry was developed. It was proposed that related parties involving farmers, engineers, companies and the government to connect and share the experiment. 




The heterogeneous wireless-sensor network system used wireless technology to support the transmission of monitoring data. The technologies used include: 

  1. 6LowPAN (low power, low cost, local monitoring) 
  2. GSM/GPRS (low speed remote monitoring, rural areas where internet access is not available) 
  3. WiFi (high speed video monitoring for specific applications) 

All the data was collected to a center server which enabled all the parties to access their data over the internet. This also allowed the parties involved to continue sharing their data, experiments, which in turn strengthened the Vietnamese aquaculture industry. 

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