Message from Chairman

Let’s SHARE together! Welcome to this new activity.

The role of SHARE is very simple but important; that is to bring Success and Happiness by Activating Regional Economy especially for communities living in rural locations within developing countries.

Success and happiness can be achieved through the improvement of the quality of lives and socioeconomic status of rural communities. However, one very important question that must be asked is how can this improvement be achieved? Although many trials with high technologies have been conducted over the years, these attempts can be seen to have been made in vain, for the simple reason that these trials were driven by technologies instead of being people-centric. Little attention was paid to the thoughts and concerns of the beneficiary communities who were to continue creating value to these projects themselves. Considering that the lives, situations, environments and customs of everyone are all different, it is therefore our responsibility to design, adapt and operate technologies and systems to best fit the needs of each person and society in an easy and sustainable way. Our past experiences and observations have shown that easy and sustainable operation is the key success factor in rural areas.

What makes SHARE stand out from other ICT driven projects is the idea of collaboration instead of competition. SHARE members work closely together in sharing their experiences and results of the various projects initiated in their respective countries, highlighting how ICT solutions are applied in different situations. Through these shared know-hows, we can then move forward in achieving greater heights with the beneficiary communities that we will work together with in the future.

Let’s SHARE our experiences and achieve our roles together!

Dr. Yuji Inoue